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3 Things I am Most Thankful For This Year

Posted by Nish on November 24, 2016
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As I prepare for what is sure to be a delicious, hearty, and very filling Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted to take a moment and share the things I feel most grateful for. Over this past year we’ve hosted the 2nd Annual Creative Ops Summit and had hundreds of conversations with the absolute best in the industry - and I’m thankful for each and every one.

I am most thankful for ....

Creative Operations Leaders For Giving Us A Great & Fun Challenge:

They are the ones leading teams who have been given the challenge of producing more assets, in narrowing windows of time and that have a bigger impact. Throw in 24/7 production cycles, an explosion in types of assets required, a galaxy of devices those assets are displayed on, and cost pressures. Their challenge is our challenge. And it motivates us every day to think of how to help them with that challenge and complexity.

Customers That Demand More:

They are the creative operations teams and leaders at some of the most well recognized brands in the world who just happen to be at the cutting edge of creative operations processes and technology. They push themselves to continuously optimize How Much, How Fast, How Effective. And in turn they push us to make sure we have a technology solution that meets their needs today and will evolve to meet their needs tomorrow.

Being Here Now.

We know that in five years the Creative Operations landscape is going to look drastically different. There will be a maturity of processes and systems that seem to be distant today. New roles with a unique combination of skills and expertise will emerge. Creative Operations will be a mature function. We are grateful to be here now. When the job of figuring it all out is underway. Getting to play a part in shaping what it will mature into. It is challenging. It is fun.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers, partners, family, and friends from across the border. We look forward to continuing this awesome journey with you all.

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