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Feature Showcase: Online Proofing for Packaging Asset Approvals

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on June 09, 2016
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The latest version of ConceptShare added improvements and new features to our Proofing Workspace. Most notably we added the ability to rotate assets within the Proofing Workspace to meet the needs of enterprises that work with assets with different orientations like package designs. 

Packaging assets are unique because they include a lot of imagery and copy that needs to be reviewed. Typically there is copy (in very small font sizes) that requires more rigorous review for compliance purposes. In packaging designs, these images and copy appear in different orientations, so reviewing these assets in a static view or orientation can be frustrating. 

Adding asset rotation capabilities to the Proofing Workspace allows creatives and reviewers to see each part of a package design asset, add markup to it, and provide clear and actionable feedback more quickly and easily by: 

Enabling an asset to be rotated in 90 degree increments


Allowing reviewers to zoom in and out on an asset while rotated to see everything with ease


Displaying markup and feedback in the orientation and size it was in when reviewed



Click below to test this feature out for yourself, or, schedule a demo with our team- we'd love to show you how ConceptShare can optimize your review cycle, and enable reviewers to leave the clearest feedback possible on all of your creative assets.  

Try The New Proofing Workspace Now


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