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Our Own Review & Approval Horror Story:   The Typo That Made it To Print

Posted by Angel Ketchum on October 28, 2016

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As a designer you are often tasked with what I call the dreaded parachute project. A request that comes from the top, out of the blue, and needs to be done ASAP. The scramble begins, all the while you're trying not to throw a wrench in the workflow of the projects and deliverables you're already working on.

One such parachute project I recently recieved was a mounted poster for our kitchen, the busiest common area in our bustling office. The CEO requested a custom mounted poster with the kitchen rules on it to remind everyone of the daily clean ups. He wanted it to be designed, printed, and ready to be hung on the wall in time for our next company meeting ... in two days. 

With such a tight turnaround, following the proper approval processes can risk the deadline so...sometimes corners are cut. I had to get the file to the printer by EOD or it would not be delivered on time. Like any great software company, we use our own tool for review and approval of our own marketing and creative assets, but in this case - instead of getting the proper review and approval using ConceptShare, I just Slacked it to my coworker and asked her to quickly proofread it for me.

I'm sure you can guess what happened. Yup, *audible gasp* a mistake was missed. The mounted poster was delivered with a glaring and ugly typo. Sitting right there, staring me right in the face. All 36 by 24 inches of it. I had to fix the error, resend to the printer, and ... missed the deadline. (Designers ... you know how awful this feeling is!)

As you can imagine, working for a company that provides review & approval solutions, to have an asset printed with a typo equals ... the ultimate walk of shame! So as a lovely reminder (and somewhat punishment) I decided to write this blog post to show a typical example of what happens when you cut corners, skip process, and don't use ConceptShare for review and approval of your assets.

What can be learned from my error? Following process and using the right tools to get proper approvals matters. Even if you're tasked with a rush project. Even better? Create a process for routing approvals for rush jobs to avoid these types of mistakes. 

#EatYourOwnDogFood #WalkOfShame #DontDoWhatIdid #YesIGetTheirony

Has this happened to you? What changes did you make to ensure you can get proper approvals for rush jobs? Leave me a comment below, and let me know! 

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