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5 More Must Have Review & Approval Metrics for Creative Operations Managers

Posted by Samuel Kiramathypathy on December 01, 2016

For Creative Operations and Project Managers (a.k.a. Traffic Managers, Studio Operations) that are tasked with delivering marketing/creative assets on time the Review & Approval stage of the creative production process can be likened to running a race. Your Creatives and Reviewers are like the runners on a relay team, and the Assets are the baton that is passed between them. However much as a relay team doesn’t just accept finishing a race as good enough, simply getting Assets produced shouldn’t be good enough either. Runners strive for the fastest time, and the Review and Approval Process should be no different. Runners know what important metrics to look at when determining their performance, and how to interpret those metrics to get faster times. The question becomes: what should be measured in the Review and Approval Process, and why?

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Our Own Review & Approval Horror Story:   The Typo That Made it To Print

Posted by Angel Ketchum on October 28, 2016

As a designer you are often tasked with what I call the dreaded parachute project. A request that comes from the top, out of the blue, and needs to be done ASAP. The scramble begins, all the while you're trying not to throw a wrench in the workflow of the projects and deliverables you're already working on.

One such parachute project I recently recieved was a mounted poster for our kitchen, the busiest common area in our bustling office. The CEO requested a custom mounted poster with the kitchen rules on it to remind everyone of the daily clean ups. He wanted it to be designed, printed, and ready to be hung on the wall in time for our next company meeting ... in two days. 

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2 Typical Applications of Review And Approval Software Tools

Posted by Michaela Green on October 09, 2015

Industries are at much different stages in adopting online review and approval software tools.  We see two typical applications or problems being solved – one characterized by speed and volume, the other by process and auditability.

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“We have an asset out of containment!”

Posted by Hannah Cameron on June 17, 2015
**Hold on to your butts, spoiler alert**

When you think of Jurassic World, you think big dinosaurs, epic adventures, Chris Pratt and lots of teeth. But after the movie ended I found myself thinking only about Review and Approval.

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Creative Operations Case File: A sticky situation...

Posted by Hannah Cameron on May 21, 2015



In Enterprise Marketing departments, Review and Approval based offenses are considered especially heinous. Today, the dedicated detectives who investigate these marketing felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Creative Operations Unit. These are their stories.

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