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A Market of Anyone; A Focus on Four

Posted by Nish on November 01, 2011
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Big is our market? I hate getting that question. Why? The person asking the question usually wants a big, bombastic answer. I could with all honesty say that our market lays with anyone that needs to communicate and collaborate on creative work. That is a market of hundreds of thousands of users; maybe millions. Start with freelancers, agencies and marketing teams. Then add in film & television, architects, engineers, software developers, publishers …. well you get the idea. I could easily put together a set of slides showing a massive market of users just waiting to buy ConceptShare.


BUT we focus on 4. Specifically on being the tool of choice for 4 industries:






Why focus on 4 when there are lots of industries that could use and pay for our app?


Deep Understanding: we can't be all things to all people (or industries). By focusing on four we gain a deep understanding of their pain points and requirements with respect to sharing, communicating and collaborating on creative work. That understanding shapes our roadmap and creates a healthy partner-centric relationship with customers in those industries.


Common Pain Points: at first glance these industries might seem disparate. What they produce and sell is radically different. However, when it comes to sharing, communicating and collaboration on creative work their pain points, requirements and desired solutions overlap to the point of being almost indistinguishable. We don't have to carve up precious development resources to satisfy diverging needs. We can focus on investing in and developing features and solutions that we know most, if not all, our customers will use.


Anchors: by focusing on the four, gaining a deep understanding and building our roadmap around them we are becoming the solution of choice for companies in these industries. We get most of our leads in these industries through word of mouth and referrals. Our competition can try and copy, our competition can try and win on price, but we win because we are are investing in these industries and the companies within. Investing through understanding their needs and delivering a solution that supports their ability to succeed. They in turn invest in us with their input, insight and dollars.


Does our focus on the four mean that we don’t want to sell to companies from other industries?


Not at all. We have lots of customers that don’t fit into these four verticals. If our app works for them then we are happy that they can use it to support how they collaborate on creative work. We have architects, UX designers and all sort of other companies and creative professionals using ConceptShare.


Does our focus on the four mean that we only like selling to big companies?


Again, a big No. Within the industries we work with, learn from and build our app for, customers that range from freelancers, to small companies, to teams & workgroups, to some of the biggest brands in the world, all use ConceptShare to support how they share, communciate and collaborate on creative work.


That Market of Anyone that is measured in the hundreds of thousands or millions of users?


We’ll get to it.


For now we are focused on serving the four.

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