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Things Customers Say: “I Want A Single Source of Review Truth”

Posted by Nish on May 16, 2012
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One of the things that I often hear customers talk about is a need for a Single Source of Truth, or when referring to creative review or design collaboration it’s a Single Source of Review Truth.


I heard it first about a year ago and lately its been coming up more and more with creative teams and organizations of all shapes and sizes. I found the term intriguing when I first heard it applied to creative review. I have started asking our customers and teams that we are visiting for the first time to explain what a Single Source of Review Truth means to them.


What it boils down to is these organizations want a single, centralized location that collates and publishes all of the information related to the review of one or more assets or a campaign or a project or whatever the individual team is organized around producing, reviewing and delivering.


They want that single, centralized location to have everything from:


  • Feedback (re: who said what, when did they say it, etc.) TO
  • Change Requests (re: change blue to green, make the font bigger, etc.) TO
  • Status (re: has everyone finished approving, have everyone finished approving, etc.) TO
  • Any other information relevant to being able to initiate, conduct and finish a review


Many organizations still using email for creative review point to the Single Source of Review Truth as the primary reason they adopt ConceptShare.


With a Single Source of Creative Review Truth they are able to make the best possible decisions as quickly as possible. Information related to a review is immediately shared with the right stakeholders.


Single Source of Review Truth =

The Right Information@ The Right Time w/ The Right Stakeholders =

Making Good Decisions & Making Them Quickly

With a centralized source of review information, teams are no longer chasing down feedback littered across multiple email threads; no longer collating feedback, approval responses and change requests across multiple threads.


Everything they need related to a review is in a single, centralized location.


Where is your Single Source of Creative Review Truth?



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