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Real-Time Marketing is Upon Us- How Are You Going to Adapt?

Posted by Emily on November 28, 2012


In Fast Company, Paul Gunning just published an excellent article: Real-Time Marketing Is Upon Us- Here’s How Advertising Needs to Adapt.

Gunning points out, “There’s an unprecedented amount of technology and consumer data available to create opportunities for marketers. Yet the advertising process isn’t keeping up.”


We couldn’t agree more.

Similarly to Gunning, we agree that the “obstacles to innovation, are often systematic ones.”

Last week we posted an article about how the increase in marketing data has created more opportunities for marketers to reach customers with timely and relevant messages, offers and calls to action. However, marketing teams are finding it increasingly difficult to route, review and approve campaign assets in order to get projects out the door on time to actually be able to take advantage of all the opportunities created by that data.

Like Gunning’s article points out, marketing and creative teams need to reevaluate their antiquated processes in order to meet these demands.


Gunning hits the nail on the head.

“The marketing ecosystem must allow for the dynamic generation of advertising in multiple formats, yet enterprises are paralyzed by a system where every link in the chain provides an opportunity for the process to break down…” says Gunning. “If the system is not designed to nimbly push through creative, it’s a nearly impossible feat.”

If projects can’t even get out the door, then the opportunities created by marketing data are lost. These lost opportunities, as Gunning points out, are often the result of inefficient processes.

If you and your team are interested in chatting about how your current processes are supporting or limiting your ability to take advantage of real-time marketing data, leave us a comment or talk to us.

Paul Gunning is the CEO of Tribal DDB Worldwide.

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