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Netx Integrates Digital Asset Management Platform with ConceptShare

Posted by Emily on May 02, 2013


Netx, a Digital Asset Management software provider, has just announced its integration with ConceptShare’s Creative Operations Management (COM) platform. ConceptShare’s COM solution will be incorporated as a part of the expanding workflow suite offered within the Netx Digital Asset Management application.

Netx delivers software solutions that help organizations in a wide range of industries improve productivity and advance their business goals by reducing the time and cost of content production, and streamlining the workflows associated with large libraries of digital files. Clients like Sony, Converse, and Nike Foundation use Netx’s platform. Through its integration with ConceptShare, Netx now offers enhanced capabilities for review, mark up and annotation on managed media collections to meet the growing needs of enterprise marketing, production and creative teams. “Cross-team collaboration is a necessity for our clients,” said Kevin Peoples, VP of Product for Netx.

The Netx-ConceptShare integration will be available to both on-premise and cloud-based Netx clients, allowing them to mark up and review images, audio, videos, and web pages.

“We are proud that Netx chose to integrate with our Creative Operations Management platform,” said Nish Patel, CEO of ConceptShare. “The integration will allow Netx customers to more efficiently review, approve and collaborate on creative work and have a single system for managing assets through their entire lifecycle.”

Netx will showing off a sneak preview of the integration at the Henry Stewart DAM event in New York May 2-3. You don't want to miss it!

Learn more about Netx here, or chat with us at Henry Stewart at the Hilton New York, booth 19.

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