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The Don of a New Era: How We Knew about Don Draper's Demise

Posted by Emily on June 26, 2013

 Don Draper elevator

In a previous article, “Dear Don Draper, You are Fired!” we pointed out, in the form of a termination letter, why Mr. Draper would not survive in today’s agency environment. Similarly to Avi Dan, we argued that the success of marketing increasingly relies on data and operational effectiveness, and that as a result, the era of Don Drapers is coming to an end.

We do not believe that creativity and telling stories isn’t important- it is. In a recent article, “5 Mistakes When Streamlining Your Creative Operations,” we talk about how operational efficiency should enhance your creative efforts, not diminish them.

But why is the emergence of Big Data, in particular, such a game changer for marketers today? Our Marketing Manager Julie Beynon tells us why customer data is so valuable for marketers: “You can tell you a lot about your customers by looking at data. It gives you insight into what questions your customers are asking, what content they like, who they are, what they like to do online and so much more.”

On Sunday evening and into Monday, our data told us exactly that. We noticed a spike in people reading our “Dear Don Draper, You are Fired!” article. The image below shows you the data we were looking at:

Data on Don Draper

We immediately asked ourselves, why? Why the big spike? By leveraging our data, specifically the spike in readership and keyword search on what people were looking for, Julie was able to deduce that someone (most likely Don Draper) was fired on Mad Men and that it happened on Sunday evening.

Now, you might be a skeptic and think that Julie is a Mad Men fan and knows that the episodes air on Sunday nights. Not the case! Unlike some other Mad Men die hard fans at the office, Julie did not know that Mad Men aired Sunday nights, and on this particular Sunday night, was hard at work with our development and marketing teams launching our new website.

And so, ironically, one of the primary reasons we gave for firing Don Draper in our previous article is the very reason we were able to find out that Don Draper was in fact fired on Sunday night’s episode!

Do you think Big Data is a game changer? Leave us a comment below! To learn more about Big Data, check out our “What is Big Data?” article.

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