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A Tale of 2 Creative Teams: Speed Up Project Delivery with Online Proofing

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on September 07, 2017
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Creative and marketing teams are tasked with delivering more projects, in shorter timelines than ever before. Without solid processes around creative production and the right tools in place to support them, the increase in demand for content with shorter turnaround times can wreak havoc on creative production teams.

While most organizations have a project management system like JIRA Software in place to help prioritize, assign, and manage work - many lack the proper tools for a critical part of creative production that often takes up almost 60% of a project’s time - the review and approval of content. In most cases, review of content happens outside of the project management system in near-impossible to schedule meetings or scattered across email chains. These inefficient means of reviewing content have been found to be the biggest bottlenecks in project delivery.

A simple way of expediting content review, speeding up project delivery, and reducing production costs is to bring in a formal online proofing and review tool like ConceptShare.

Comparing what typical project workflows look like with and without online proofing, it’s pretty clear - teams that do bring in online proofing, integrated with their PM system will consistently deliver more, faster, and at less cost. Check it out: 


Building a business case internally to bring online proofing and approvals into your JIRA Software?Download the PDF version of the infographic to share with your team.

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