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Announcing External Reviewers In ConceptShare

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on March 20, 2017
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A well thought out review & approval process with the right tools to support it helps marketing and creative teams work and deliver on campaigns more efficiently. While in most cases, everyone who is part of the review process of creative and marketing assets needs access to see the progress of projects and reviews, there are also situations where you may need to include non-ConceptShare users into a review.

We are tremendously excited to announce our new External Reviewers feature as part of our Spring 2017 Release!

That's right - ConceptShare customers can now invite non-ConceptShare users to a review, where those external reviewers can provide markups and feedback on marketing content and assets without requiring full access to ConceptShare. 

This is helpful for anyone who needs to invite: 

- An executive who isn't typically part of the review process who needs to provide feedback on assets for a particular project

- External clients who need to provide feedback on assets

- An external subject matter expert to provide feedback in special circumstances

- Anyone who's feedback on marketing content and assets is required, without providing full access to all of ConceptShare

Adding External Reviewers is As Easy As Entering An Email Address

To add external stakeholders to a Review, all that is required is an email address. Those external reviewers will receive an email invitation with a link to the review, where they can add markups and clear & actionable feedback only to the marketing content and assets they are given access to. 

This enables marketing and creative teams to keep ALL feedback centralized & in context so they can deliver the assets they need to launch their campaigns on time.

Ext Review Comment .png

See It In Action

To learn more, and to see how ConceptShare can help you deliver approved assets faster, sign up for your 30 Day Trial now.

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