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"What Would Big Data Think of Einstein?"

Posted by Emily on July 31, 2013
Albert Einstein lecturing in Vienna, 1921.
Photo by Ferdinand Schmutzer.

Would Einstein’s genius make it past the Big Data test today? That’s the question that Sydney Finkelstein asked readers to think about in a recent BBC article.

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Topics: Big Data, Albert Einstein, Genius, Creative Operations Resources

6 Ways to Improve Your Team's Collaboration

Posted by Emily on July 29, 2013

Working with a group of people towards a common goal can be an extremely rewarding experience. It can also be tiresome and unnerving. Knowing how to collaborate effectively takes commitment and hard work.

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Topics: Teamwork, Business Leadership, Creative Operations Resources, Collaboration

5 Lessons from Hollywood on How to Avoid Miscommunication

Posted by Emily on July 16, 2013


WARNING: Contains spoilers from This is the End

Good communication isn’t easy, but it is imperative to your survival in the workplace. If you and your team struggle to communicate effectively, you will slowly but surely tug away at your company’s resources and drag down the performance of your team. Unbridled miscommunication can have disastrous effects. You’ll find yourself with hard feelings and frustration, delays in planning, redundancies in workflow and a lower quality of work.

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Topics: Effective Communication, Hollywood Cinema, This is the End, Creative Operations Resources

Are You in the Technical or Creative Field? Join us at SIGGRAPH 2013

Posted by Emily on July 15, 2013

On July 21-25 we will be heading to SIGGRAPH 2013’s international conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques in Anaheim, California.

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Topics: Computer Graphics, SIGGRAPH 2013, Animation, News and Events

The Art of Delegation: 11 Ways to Work Smarter Today

Posted by Emily on July 12, 2013

One of the most challenging (and rewarding) things that a manager or supervisor can do is relinquish control and empower his or her employees by giving them more responsibility.

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Topics: Time Management, Productivity, Team Development, Business Leadership, Creative Operations Resources

The Dos and Don’ts of Giving Feedback

Posted by Emily on July 08, 2013

A few days ago we posted an article about how to handle feedback productively in order to improve the review stage of your creative operations process. Knowing how to give constructive feedback is equally important.

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Topics: Constructive Feedback, Giving Feedback, Guiding Reviews, Creative Operations Resources

10 Ways You Can Handle Feedback More Productively

Posted by Emily on July 03, 2013

Feedback is a crucial part of every job—because everyone has to deal with it. But knowing how to deal with feedback isn’t just about professional development, it’s also a crucial part of the review phase of your creative operations process.

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Topics: Review Process, Receiving Feedback, Creative Operations Resources

The Don of a New Era: How We Knew about Don Draper's Demise

Posted by Emily on June 26, 2013


In a previous article, “Dear Don Draper, You are Fired!” we pointed out, in the form of a termination letter, why Mr. Draper would not survive in today’s agency environment. Similarly to Avi Dan, we argued that the success of marketing increasingly relies on data and operational effectiveness, and that as a result, the era of Don Drapers is coming to an end.

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Topics: Big Data, Don Draper, Firing Don Draper, Mad Men, Creative Operations Resources

9 Tips to Boost Your Creativity Today

Posted by Emily on June 17, 2013

Creativity is a fundamental part of every workday. Whether you are considered to be in the “creative” field or not, inspiration and ideas underpin one of the many fulfillments we find in our jobs. But in a world of a million and one distractions, meetings and deadlines, it can be hard to feel inspired. Finding a way to tap into your inner artist under high stress and pressure takes a lot of patience and practice.

Have you hit a roadblock in your creative thinking? Here are 9 tips to get those juices flowing today:

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Topics: Time Management, Creativity, Creative Process, Creative Operations Resources

The Puzzle of Motivation: A TED Talks Video

Posted by Emily on June 05, 2013

 Why You Should Watch this Video:

Career analyst and best-selling author Dan Pink explores the puzzling question of motivation. He argues that social scientists know something that most business managers don't: that traditional monetary rewards aren't always effective as we think.

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Topics: Business Leadership, Sales, Motivation, People and Culture

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