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3 Things I am Most Thankful For This Year

Posted by Nish on November 24, 2016

As I prepare for what is sure to be a delicious, hearty, and very filling Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted to take a moment and share the things I feel most grateful for. Over this past year we’ve hosted the 2nd Annual Creative Ops Summit and had hundreds of conversations with the absolute best in the industry - and I’m thankful for each and every one.

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How The Best In-House Creative Teams Work More Efficiently

Posted by Nish on November 02, 2016

I first wrote about this in 2014 when, after visiting with enterprise marketing and creative services teams, I started to see the emergence of something I called the creative production supply chain - something I saw smart organizations designing and continuously improving to create a competitive advantage.

2 years later, after having met hundreds of enterprise marketing and creative teams, this approach is still very common - especially at organizations that have the most efficient in-house creative teams, so I thought it was a good time to highlight this practice again.

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Topics: Thought Leadership, Why Creative Operations Management?

5 Things I learned at the marketing operations tech summit

Posted by Nish on October 29, 2015

I recently attended Marketing Operations & Technology Summit in New Orleans.

I was hoping to meet more people directly involved in Creative Operations, but learned a lot from the Marketing Operations people.

Here are the 5 key things I learned in speaking with Marketing Operations executives:

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Topics: Creative Operations, Marketing Operations

My Fave Places to Eat in NYC - Henry Stewart DAM Conference Edition

Posted by Nish on May 05, 2015

Anyone that has been on the road with me knows that I have a love for food. And with 40% of my time spent on the road I have had the privilege of discovering all sorts of food. Some of it great. Some of it not so much. And like most people I have a pretty broad palette of what I like. From the traditional to the adventurous, but short of fear factor eating! 

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MarTech Conference Wrap up.

Posted by Nish on April 21, 2015

It's been a couple of weeks since I was out at the MarTech Conference. It was our first time participating - both as attendee and exhibitor- and based on our experience we’ll be going back next year. I wanted to share my experience as an Attendee, what I learned, discussed and overheard about Marketing Technology on the conference floor.

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Topics: Attending MarTech

ConceptShares exhibitor experience at the MarTech Conference.

Posted by Nish on April 21, 2015

Take a look at ConceptShares experience as an Exhibitor at this years MarTech conference in San Francisco

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Topics: MarTech Conference, Marketing Technology

What's The Secret To Creative Production Supply Chain Success?

Posted by Nish on August 20, 2014

When we talk to marketing and creative teams about their creative production process, more and more we’re hearing about their creative production supply chain. They may not be using that exact term, but that’s what they’re describing.

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Topics: Creative Operations Resources

The 2 Things That Can Sink Your Creative Production Supply Chain

Posted by Nish on August 14, 2014

The creative production supply chain (CPSC) can be hugely valuable to your business, but it's not without its challenges. Ralph Windsor did a great job of capturing what he sees as the challenges involved in adding an operations mindset to creative work in his article about CPSCs on DAM News, and I thought I’d take a deeper look into the challenges I’m hearing people talk about in the industry.

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Creative Production Supply Chain: What is it?

Posted by Nish on August 05, 2014

The creative production supply chain is the future of managing creative production teams. I’ve said it before, and I stand by it: this is what we’ll see smart marketing and creative teams moving towards in the next few years, even given the challenges inherent in the approach. Some teams are already working on implementing it, and others are actively planning it.

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Why should creative operations managers care about metrics?

Posted by Nish on July 08, 2014

 So why should you invest some time in talking about which creative operations metrics are right for your organization?

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