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How Online Proofing for Video Helps Marketers Stay Ahead of the Trend

Posted by Sean Adams on August 11, 2017

The layout of the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and over the past few years that change has been a migration from desktops to tablets and phones, bringing with it a change in the type of content people consume. Video is the fastest growing content medium on the internet, and according to Forbes, researchers estimate that by 2019 over 80% of web content will be video.

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Topics: Video, Online Proofing, digital marketing

Deliver High Performing Campaigns Faster with Online Proofing for Email

Posted by Sean Adams on August 01, 2017

Despite constant changes in the digital marketing landscape, marketers still regard email as one of the most effective ways to reach out to prospective clients—but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s easy.

While it is still the most effective, it is also the trickiest tool in the box. Consistently creating compelling content, increasing open rates, and improving click-throughs are commonly the top three challenges with email marketing, and there is no shortage of online tips for creating better content, writing subject lines that drive up open rates, and personalizing offers to optimize click-through rates.

In this post we outline how to incorporate these best practices and streamline the review and approval process of your email campaigns to consistently deliver high performing email marketing campaigns...faster.

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Topics: Online Proofing, Review and Approval, Creative Review and Approval, Review Process

How To Publish Faster with Online Proofing & Approvals For Blog Posts

Posted by Sean Adams on July 20, 2017
With an estimated 2.7 million blog posts written daily, blogging continues to be an integral part of a company’s content marketing mix. The lifecycle of a blog post from idea to published and promoted is quite short but requires input and feedback from multiple people. Getting timely feedback is key to enabling content producers not only to write more but to write better. Using this 5 step process to plan, write, review, and optimize blog posts will help you publish more, faster.

Step 1: Planning

The first step in your blog workflow is the planning & research phase. What will you be writing about? Who is your target audience? What is it you want them to do after reading your post? What are your focus keywords? Documenting these details will help keep you on track as you do begin writing, and for reference when your post is going through review & approval. This information may be documented in your CMS, or at the top of your working document. For example, we use Google Docs, with a simple table at the top for reference.

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Topics: Online Proofing, Review Process

Inefficient Review and Approval: The Real Cost of "Free" Solutions

Posted by Sean Adams on June 27, 2017
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Topics: Creative Review and Approval, Online Proofing, Creative Production Efficiency

How Online Proofing Satisfies the Most Difficult Creative Reviewer Types

Posted by Sean Adams on June 20, 2017

Each type of reviewer involved in the creative process brings with them a unique set of skills and expertise, as well as their own set of challenges based on the way they work. A client doesn’t have the same needs as an executive, and executives don’t have the same needs as creatives. Left unheeded, small differences in needs can create huge delays in the creative production process.

Getting a better understanding of how individuals in your team and organization work, and working with them when defining your processes and the tools you use to support those processes will go a long way in ensuring everyone can work as efficiently as possible, without hindering the creative process or productivity.

Here, we cover 4 common Reviewer Personas, how they work, and how having the right Online Proofing and Review & Approval tool like ConceptShare can keep work humming along with pristine efficiency because it meets the needs of many.

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Topics: Creative Operations, Online Proofing, Creative Review, Creative Review and Approval

Not Stacking Up? How Integration Powers Creative Production Efficiency

Posted by Sean Adams on June 05, 2017

Creative Operations teams are responsible for making sure that systems and processes work smoothly together. That’s why we were surprised by the results of the 2017 State of Creative Operations Survey - 45% of companies surveyed had NO systems integration whatsoever; only 10% had fully integrated their end-to-end processes. You may be asking, so what? What’s the problem?

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Topics: Creative Operations, Creative production, Creative Production Efficiency

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