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Coffee & Creative Operations Inspiration In The Twin Cities

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on March 09, 2016
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Last week we hosted the first of our Creative Operations Roadshow events - a series of intimate meetups with Creative Operations executives across the US that emerged from the Creative Operations Summit in NYC last November. 

We spent the morning with Creative Operations executives representing some amazing brands including Best Buy, 3M, Target and Gander Mountain. Discussions covered a range of topics including how each got started in Creative Operations, building the business case for the need for the role, and what types of KPI’s are valuable to measure, and how to measure them.

Here's a summary of the key takeaways from our discussions. We'll do more of a deep dive on each in future posts, so be sure to subscribe to our blog so you don't miss out!

Building the Case for Creative Operations: There's More Than One Way to Find Success

The stories about how individuals got started in Creative Operations varied from those who realized the work they were doing was in fact Creative Ops (organic), to those who were brought in specifically for the role because a senior executive recognized the need for someone dedicated to improve timeliness, cost, and compliance in Creative Production.

Regardless of how one comes into the role, those that have the highest rates of success gaining support in their roles are the ones that take the most initiative. They are risk takers, and the ones who seek out opportunities to improve upon. 

PM Ninjas and Creative Whisperers – The Ultimate Skills to be Successful in Creative Ops:

When discussions started to center around the desired skills set for finding Project Managers for Creative Operations, the quick consensus in the room was that while having a PMP designation is a great asset, other factors are much more important in determining success as a PM in Creative Ops including: 

  • Previous experience in an agency or internal creative services department
  • Creative thinking process, natural curiosity, and natural investigative nature
  • Experience / Ability to build consensus between Marketing & Creative

Many of the skills that we covered in our Anatomy of the Creative Operations Role, in fact. (We loved the term “Creative Whisperer” so stay tuned to an updated version of the infographic!)

Omnichannel Challenges are Creative Operations Opportunities

Often, Omnichannel is a catalyst to better supporting Creative Operations, as it forces organizations to realize that they need to break down silos (Print vs. Digital) and ensure that everyone is working together. That they have transparency into what and when is happening across each of their channels. That they are coordinated and speaking to the same customer with consistency (messaging, branding, images, etc.).

Data & Metrics: A Common Language

Consensus around the table was that metrics create opportunities to find common ground between Creative, Marketing and even Finance. Everyone has a vested interest in being more efficient, and numbers are a universal language.

Marketing can better understand the investment that will be required when they want to add an unexpected component to a campaign that will require additional creative assets. The conversation turns from "just do it" to "here is what resources will need to be added and/or what other projects need to be deferred or canceled".

Finance is in a better position to be a partner to Creative when it comes to budgeting for more resources and they feel more confident because Creative is giving them data that shows cost/asset and also highlights inefficiencies and bottlenecks that are being tackled.

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