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ConceptShare Helps Advertisers with shift from Flash to HTML5

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on November 05, 2015
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The Side of the HTML5 Ad Story the Media Forgot: 

As of September, both Google and Amazon pulled support for Flash ads on their ad networks. In the months leading up to these changes, advertisers, agencies, publishers, and ad-servers were encouraged to adapt and ensure they were ready to create and produce rich-media using HTML5 and weaning off of Flash. Even the interactive advertising bureau (IAB) updated their Display Creative Guidelines - an overhaul that fully embraced HTML5.


The shift to HTML5 hasn’t happened without its challenges - not only does HTML5 ad production require a different skill set than Flash, but the files are heavier, and producing HTML5 ads can take up to 3X longer than their Flash counterparts. For advertisers and agencies, this can mean delays in production, and negative impacts on cost per asset.


HTML5 Ads take 3 times longer to create than flash


Furthermore, there are different tools and technologies creative teams use as part of the creative production process - including online proofing and review & approval software. These systems also need to be updated to support HTML5 file types as they are critical to maintaining high efficiency in creative production. Without HTML5 file support in these systems, creative and marketing teams have no choice but to go back to methods outside of the systems they put in place to be able to get feedback on creative, and get ads reviewed and approved - creating a silo of information and assets, and ultimately slowing down production - the opposite of why they invested in these systems and processes in the first place! 


90% of rich media impressions in q1 2015 were flash based banner ads


Working closely with customers like Prodigious, we recognized that agencies and in-house creative teams would need to be able to upload, share, and get feedback on HTML5 files and today we are thrilled to announce that we’ve included HTML5 file support in our latest release. This means creative teams can upload an HTML5 ad into ConceptShare and request feedback and/or approval of the ad. Reviewers can login to ConceptShare and markup the ad, provide feedback, and approve or reject the ad while maintaining optimized review cycles.


"As agencies make the necessary changes to move from Flash to HTML5 for web banners, it’s critical that the tools we use in creative production can support these changes too - this is especially important in managing feedback, and review & approval. When you produce thousands of banner ads for a single campaign, you need to be able to optimize the review and approval cycle with your client. This is why including HTML5 support in ConceptShare is so important to us.” - Luc Labadie, CIO, Prodigious


How it Works: A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem


1. Upload HTML5 Files to ConceptShare as a Zip file and select the "Process as HTML5 asset and covert to video" checkbox. This exposes options where users can set Duration, Width, and Height parameters. 
Adding HTML5 Files in ConceptShare


2. Once ConceptShare has processed and converted the Zip file, you will see your HTML5 asset available for markup, feedback, review, and approval: 
Uploaded HTML5 Ad in ConceptShare


3. When these files are opened for online proofing, they run just like a video - reviewers can markup directly on the video file as it runs and provide feedback and change requests right on the ad.
HTML5 ad ready for markup in ConceptShare


Got Questions? Want to test it out for yourself? 

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