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The Job Bag is Dead.

Posted by Hannah Cameron on March 11, 2015

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In Enterprise Marketing departments, Review and Approval based offenses are considered especially heinous. Today, the dedicated detectives who investigate these marketing felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Creative Operations Unit. These are their stories.


  1. Company: Cannot Reveal Due to Judicial Gag Order…. Globally popular media franchise
  2. Their Mission: Deliver a final approved design for a Point of Sale display to support in-store promotion at 1,000 locations. For the launch of a new product line
  3. Review & Approval Tool: (Ziploc) Job Bags
  4. The Reviewers: Sales, Product, VP Marketing, Legal, Design, Production.
  5. Review & Approval Process: Assets are printed and then placed in a Ziploc bag or “Job Bag” with a routing sheet. The Ziploc bag gets passed around from desk to desk to collect feedback from each Reviewer and their approve/reject sign–off on the routing sheet.

It started off like any other day, the sun was shining, marketing and creative teams were hard at work at Redacted. The only thing on the agenda for the day was to get sign-off on a point of sale display that was going to be used for in-store promotion at 1,000 locations. The creative team had finished their first version and stuck it in a Job Bag to start the feedback process. The Job Bag started making its way around the office. It got some light feedback and Approval (with changes) from the designated reviewers for the Sales and Product teams.

It then made its way to the VP Marketing’s desk. She took out her red pen and marked up the print out of the asset. Indicating a number of critical changes that needed to be made. 

Here’s where the story takes a turn for the worst. 

All of a sudden the VP Marketing received a call, an unexpected business emergency in New York. She needed to leave right away. She quickly packed up and left. Locking her office door. Unfortunately in her rush she forgot the “Job Bag” sitting on the corner of her desk. The same Job Bag with all of her critical feedback that needed to be acted on.

The Job Bag was being held hostage by an office door that nobody had a key to. Muffled screams of feedback could be heard coming from the Ziploc bag. Begging to be read and acted on.

The Creative team and Marketing Manager spearheading the in-store campaign could only stare through the office window at the Job Bag. So close yet so far away from acting on the VP Marketing’s feedback. 

And the rest of the Reviewers? They sat at their desks waiting for a call telling them that the Job Bag had been rescued, and they would soon be holding the printout of the asset and routing sheet in their hands. Finally able to provide their feedback.


The Marketing Department was found GUILTY of having an Inefficient Review & Approval System and   liable for the following damages:                   guilty-blurb



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