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Customer Success Story: High Level Performance (Infographic)

Posted by Michaela Green on October 30, 2015
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We see two typical applications or problems being solved with online review and approval software tools – one characterized by process and auditability, and the other by speed and volume. Read the recent post: 2 Typical Applications of Review and Approval Software Tools.

Speed and Volume

Creative productivity matters in many industries including broadcast and entertainment, gaming and retail. Failure to keep up with demand triggers time to market failures; so, it becomes imperative to measure whether speed and volume are maintained or improved upon.

Review & Approval Response Time Infographic

Metrics Drive Results

Analyze the time spent during creative asset reviews to identify delays and identify efficiencies. Make it a priority to get to know how ConceptShare can help you improve your creative production performance standards. Contact us.

For more ConceptShare Customer Success Stories see: Getting to 100% Marketing Process Compliance and Process Compliance Metrics 35% to 80% in Just 2 Months.

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