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Customer Success Story: Getting to 100% Marketing Process Compliance

Posted by Michaela Green on October 16, 2015
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Marketing compliance rate customer success story ConceptShare

Marketing process compliance matters in many industries including insurance (read the story here), banking and other regulated industries. Failure to follow process triggers regulatory oversight and market failures; thus, it becomes imperative to measure whether processes are being appropriately followed.

ConceptShare helps companies measure and improve their creative review and approval processes, and works with large companies in many industries. Recently, a regional banking client used ConceptShare to measure and dramatically improve their erratic process compliance to 100%. Here is their success story.

Who are we? An American Regional Banking company

What do we need? Reduce costly expenditures on non-compliant marketing assets and control erratic compliance results

How do we do it? Measure our creative process compliance, automate our workflows, use reminders, alerts, dashboards and the ConceptShare Support team

Our Story: Our Approval Process Compliance Rate on marketing assets was erratic,  ranging from 85% to 97% since January 2015. ConceptShare's online review and approval, automated workflows, reminders, alerts and dashboards addressed major flaws in our process.

We have removed the worry and unpredictability that previously existed. Not only are we complying to process but we are operating at a consistent level, 3 (going on 4) months in a row. Our new track record is making us want to expand the use of ConceptShare beyond marketing, department by department, company-wide.



  • The impact of compliance mistakes is highly significant, for both the company and the employees that are 'at fault'.

  • Measuring compliance rates identifies areas for improvement and ensures processes are followed and results remain consistent.

  • Whether you operate in a financial institution or other compliance-reliant industries, ConceptShare reduces the risk of delivery of non-compliant assets.

Make it a priority to get to know how ConceptShare can help you deliver approved and process-compliant files on time. Contact us.

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