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Deliver High Performing Campaigns Faster with Online Proofing for Email

Posted by Sean Adams on August 01, 2017


Despite constant changes in the digital marketing landscape, marketers still regard email as one of the most effective ways to reach out to prospective clients—but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s easy.

While it is still the most effective, it is also the trickiest tool in the box. Consistently creating compelling content, increasing open rates, and improving click-throughs are commonly the top three challenges with email marketing, and there is no shortage of online tips for creating better content, writing subject lines that drive up open rates, and personalizing offers to optimize click-through rates.

In this post we outline how to incorporate these best practices and streamline the review and approval process of your email campaigns to consistently deliver high performing email marketing campaigns...faster.

Incorporate Best Practices Into Your Review Process and Consistently Deliver High Performing Campaigns ... faster. 

Challenge #1: Consistently creating compelling content

Great email marketers know that customers and prospects don't want to be "sold." They are interested in valuable content that will help them achieve a goal or solve a particular problem. 

Use a checklist of best practices not only when writing your emails, but also as part of your review process. This helps email marketers to consistently create compelling content because: 

  • Reviewers are aligned with those same best practices, eliminating back and forth discussions to defend your message
  • Using an online proofing tool lets reviewers leave clear and actionable feedback quickly and easily
  • Reducing your review cycle frees up your time so you can spend more of it ideating and writing great content

Challenge 2: Increasing open rates

Email marketers compete with thousands of other emails inundating inboxes with information. How can you stand out? Best practices like using personalization along with the right words and length can boost open rates by 20% or more.

  • Incorporating these best practices as a checklist in your review process helps email marketers increase open rates because:
  • Feedback from reviewers is aligned with those best practices, so any suggested changes will only further optimize email elements like subject lines
  • Using an online proofing tool lets email marketers include A/B versions in the same review making it easy for reviewers to provide feedback on all versions

Challenge 3: Improving click-through rate

Whether you’re promoting a sale, an event, or a white-paper - it’s what happens post-click that matters the most. That’s where the ROI of email marketing is.

Consumers and buyers expect more than generic promotions - they are interested in offers that are just for them, and great email marketers leverage their customer and market data to segment their recipient lists and craft personalized offers and calls to action.

Having a formal review process that incorporates list segment and offer details helps email marketers improve click through rates because:

  • All versions of an email can be included in the same review, making it easy for reviewers to provide feedback faster
  • A formal review and approval tool creates an audit trail so email marketers can reference back to feedback after campaigns have run to identify additional opportunities to test and improve
  • Using an online proofing tool lets email marketers include A/B versions in the same review making it easy for reviewers to provide feedback on all versions

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, these challenges will become increasingly difficult to overcome. Keeping up to date on best practices and innovative ways helps you stay ahead of the curve, and incorporating the tactics that work best into your review process will ensure you can consistently deliver high performing email campaigns.

Want to learn more? Get started with a 30 day trial - no credit card required.


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