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Not Stacking Up? How Integration Powers Creative Production Efficiency

Posted by Sean Adams on June 05, 2017

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Creative Operations teams are responsible for making sure that systems and processes work smoothly together. That’s why we were surprised by the results of the 2017 State of Creative Operations Survey - 45% of companies surveyed had NO systems integration whatsoever; only 10% had fully integrated their end-to-end processes. You may be asking, so what? What’s the problem?

There are three main issues that occur in organizations that use multiple, disconnected tools.

First: When your systems are scattered, so are your projects. With separate solutions for different steps in the creative process, miscommunications can flourish. Information gets stuck, buried in inboxes, or simply lost in gaps in the process. Integrating your technology organizes, streamlines, and secures your creative management to make sure every project you start, you finish - on time, every time.

Second: Using multiple tools means multiple points of access, with no “single point of truth” for the creative process. Integrated best-of-breed technology allows different stops in the cycle to easily connect, creating a single view where everything you need is in one place.

Finally: A lack of integration makes it hard to generate production metrics. Companies often cannot track the metrics they need simply because their systems don’t easily provide the information they require. Even if the information is provided from disconnected systems it is often impossible to come up with a unified, useable set of data. This lack of metrics can create its own collection of problems. Without background data it can be difficult to forecast where your organization should be headed, while the inability to accurately track production time and costs makes planning future projects much harder. This lack of measurement makes it impossible to identify potential risks ahead of time, leaving your organization flying blind. In short, the less you know about your process, the less you can fix.

ConceptShare recognizes that gathering feedback and approvals is often hard to integrate into your process because it uses email or hardcopy, so not only do we provide our customers with an industry leading online proofing solution, we’re also invested in ensuring that there are out of the box integrations to tools that that you commonly use, like JIRA software, NetSuite SRP and a range of DAM systems.

Ready to take your creative production efficiency to the next level? We'd love to talk to you about integrating proofing and approvals into your creative operations technology stack. 

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