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How Online Proofing for Video Helps Marketers Stay Ahead of the Trend

Posted by Sean Adams on August 11, 2017

The layout of the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and over the past few years that change has been a migration from desktops to tablets and phones, bringing with it a change in the type of content people consume. Video is the fastest growing content medium on the internet, and according to Forbes, researchers estimate that by 2019 over 80% of web content will be video.

"Researchers estimate that by 2019 over 80% of web content will be video. What can digital marketing and creative teams do to stay ahead of this trend?" - Tweet this! 

There are several reasons for this change in the content landscape—videos are easier to consume than long form content, information is retained by viewers longer than with simple text-based content, and videos can be consumed on all types of devices. In fact, 59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post. Not only are videos more effective in the first place, but people who watch videos are also far more likely to share them than those who prefer text. 

The demand for more video content is skyrocketing, and marketing and creative teams are already seeing challenges in keeping up. Video is an entirely different beast compared to other digital content. Video takes longer to create, requires more resources, moving parts, and a longer review cycle to get to approval.

"87% of online marketers are currently using video content in their digital marketing strategies." - Tweet this! 

Reviewing video over email is problematic: large file sizes, access issues, quality rendering, etc...Giving specific feedback on video files without a formal online proofing and approvals software does not achieve the editorial precision needed to cut it in an increasingly competitive digital market- for instance, merely saying “around the one minute mark” simply isn't clear enough. As well as the ambiguity of feedback over email, trying to organize reviewal meetings to gather feedback is time-costly and inefficient. In both cases, whether online or in-person, feedback is disorganized, lacks context, and isn't clear. 

We've worked diligently to build the best online proofing and approvals solution to make the process of reviewing great video content easier ... and faster:

  • Video can be assessed, marked up, and reviewed, and commented on frame-by-frame, allowing feedback to be clear and actionable
  • Specific time stamps (or ranges) can be used to eliminate ambiguity and guesswork in trying to figure out what "around the 1 minute mark" means
  • Reviewers can also trust they’re always looking at the most current version, and use side-by-side comparison to see that their changes were applied
  • The review cycle for videos is reduced by 45% or more, freeing up everyone's time to create more great content


As digital marketing and creative teams are tasked with delivering more video content ... in shorter timelines, they need to find ways to improve their processes and creative production efficiency - and a formal online proofing and approvals tool is a relatively easy change, yet makes a huge impact. 

If you're part of a digital marketing or creative team creating more video content, and still using email or meetings to review videos - we should talk.


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