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More Reviewers? More Delays.

Posted by Michaela Green on December 01, 2015
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There are numerous metrics that matter to creative operations professionals. We previously covered Volume of Assets, and the next big one to highlight is Review and Approval Time.

The length of time between a review’s creation and completion doubles when there are 8 or more participants. That’s the result of a recent study that ConceptShare conducted across customers spanning several industries. 


Why does this metric matter?

The goal of tracking creative review and approval time is to provide creative operations professionals the knowledge needed to streamline processes, improving asset delivery results.

How can you achieve better results?

Be an effective team through the review and approval process - a team that gives and receives clear and actionable feedback in a timely manner. This is vital in producing a successful, final, design file on time.

  1. Make sure the right people within the right roles are added to reviews - at the right stage of the process.

  2. Control the number of revisions.

    First round: Identify major issues and provide feedback to address them. Use the first round to get the file to a stage where you think you have met all stated objectives.

    Second round: Confirm that the changes made have resolved the issues identified in the first round; provide clarity if they don't. Consider this your last chance to give feedback. If the file delivery is time sensitive, how many rounds of revisions do you want Production to rush through to meet the deadline?

    Final round: Approve the design file and move on.

    Ideally, major issues should be discussed immediately.  Minor tweaks can be provided at both the first and second round. Round three should be near perfect, if you have thoroughly reviewed in previous rounds. When a design file reaches a 4th, 5th and 6th round of revision there is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed.

  3. Be Timely. When will Production receive your feedback? Are you aware of the due date for the project? Do you need a reminder? Does Production need to provide an expected turnaround time to receive your feedback?

  4. Develop performance metrics to encourage performance improvement, effectiveness, efficiency, and appropriate levels of internal controls. They should incorporate best practices related to the performance being measured and cost/risk/benefit analysis, where appropriate.

ConceptShare analysts are experts on examining the time spent on review and approvals, identifying delays and bottlenecks. Contact us to discuss your metrics needs or read our customer success stories: High Level PerformanceGetting To 100% Marketing Process Compliance

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