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“We have an asset out of containment!”

Posted by Hannah Cameron on June 17, 2015
**Hold on to your butts, spoiler alert**

When you think of Jurassic World, you think big dinosaurs, epic adventures, Chris Pratt and lots of teeth. But after the movie ended I found myself thinking only about Review and Approval.

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait, Review and Approval? I must have missed that part of the movie”

Let me break it down for you; the entire movie is based around the new secret “asset” (Yes, Jurassic Park is corporate now, and refer to all their Dinosaurs as assets) that breaks free and causes mass destruction within the park. 


When this happens, it becomes clear no one took the time to “Review and Approve” the Indominus Rex; no one knows who designed it, or what it’s capable of. They are left with a rogue “asset”, out in the world, wreaking havoc.

We see this happen in marketing and creative teams all the time without a proper Review and Approval process in place and without the right tools to keep assets “contained”. Of course nobody dies in the real world, but there are still consequences (even if your asset isn’t a 50-foot long killer dinosaur);

  • Unhappy Clients - A client can say they want one thing (like a bigger dinosaur with more teeth) but when they see the finished product, it might not be exactly what they had in mind.

  • Big Fines - If you’re a company (like financial institutions) who have strict compliance standards, skipping over a review and approval process can lead to BIG fines for sharing data that could be outdated or wrong.

  • Brand recognition - Your brand is everything to you and releasing subpar work, or incorrect assets can damage your brand.

Luckily for Jurassic World, they had the ACU (Asset Containment Unit) to attempt to clean up their mess but in the real world companies can’t wait until their asset is released to correct it. An efficient Review and Approval process needs to be in place for all creative assets and an Online Proofing solution is part of that. This way you can collaborate more effectively on projects and collect clear and actionable feedback from everyone involved with the asset before it’s done.

So if you’ve seen Jurassic World already, or even if you haven’t, check it out and think to yourself, what would have happened if they had reviewed their “Asset” before it was too late……..



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