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The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials in 2016 & that time the Florida Panthers played the Super Bowl.

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on February 10, 2016
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A Canadian sports broadcast switched the Carolina Panthers logo with that of the NHL's Florida Panthers during their coverage of Super Bowl 50.Photo by sportnographe/Twitter
While the Panthers and Broncos faught it out in the field on Sunday for Super Bowl 50, the Battle of the Brands continued on the air. The commercials that air during the Super Bowl have become just as popular as the game itself it seems, and in some case - the only reason to watch it at all for non-football fans.

If 2015 was the year of the tear-jerker with most ads designed to pull at our heartstrings, it seems 2016 will be the year of laughter with most ads designed to make us chuckle ... or wonder what it would be like to live in a town filled entirely with Ryan Reynolds's.

Wait - The Florida Panthers Played The Super Bowl? 

Right. Before we dive into the Top 5 list - we wanted to address our header image that no doubt many of you noticed a glaring error in. So here's the story: Viewers noticed and quickly tweeted out that a news station was using the wrong team logo.Instead of showing the Carolina Panthers logo, they displayed NHL's Florida Panthers beside the Denver Broncos in a promotional image in the background.

We see this kind of error happen all the time - someone is tasked with getting the logos - maybe they're not familiar with the sport, so they grab the first they see and off goes the creative team to put together the artwork. No one double checks, or the person who would have caught it didn't see it in their inbox and time ran out. 

No matter what happened, we know that having proper Review & Approval processes and tools in place would have avoided this error in the first place. 

The Top 5 2016 Super Bowl Commercials: 

Here are the Top 5 Super Bowl 50 Commercials, as voted by viewers across the US during the game, and ranked by the USA Today Ad Meter.

#1: Hyundai First Date: Where Kevin Hart is an overly protective father, using the Hyundai Genesis's Car Finder to spy on his daughter's "First Date".

#2: Heinz Wiener Stampede: Where we get the pleasure of watching wiener dogs in hot dog costumes run in a mad dashchund (sorry) towards a bunch of Heinz condiments. 
#3: Doritos "Ultrasound": Where a couple's unborn child shows an unlikely early love for Doritos.
4. Doritos "Doritos Dogs": Where we watch a bunch of Doritos-obsessed dogs hatch a plan to sneak into a grocery store to get their paws on some Doritos. 
#5: Hyundai "Ryanville": Where 2 women drive while very distracted by a town filled entirely of Ryan Reynolds clones to showcase the Hyundai Elantra's Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection.
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