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"What Would Big Data Think of Einstein?"

Posted by Emily on July 31, 2013
Albert Einstein lecturing in Vienna, 1921.
Photo by Ferdinand Schmutzer.

Would Einstein’s genius make it past the Big Data test today? That’s the question that Sydney Finkelstein asked readers to think about in a recent BBC article.

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The Don of a New Era: How We Knew about Don Draper's Demise

Posted by Emily on June 26, 2013


In a previous article, “Dear Don Draper, You are Fired!” we pointed out, in the form of a termination letter, why Mr. Draper would not survive in today’s agency environment. Similarly to Avi Dan, we argued that the success of marketing increasingly relies on data and operational effectiveness, and that as a result, the era of Don Drapers is coming to an end.

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Topics: Big Data, Don Draper, Firing Don Draper, Mad Men, Creative Operations Resources

What is Big Data?

Posted by Emily on June 03, 2013

In Bernard Marr’s article, “What the Hell is…Big Data?” he attempts to demystify the latest buzzword that is pelting marketers from every direction. One of the big problems with Big Data, as Marr points out, is that it isn’t very well defined. What does that mean for marketers? They don't have a full or complete understanding of what Big Data is, and are too afraid to ask what it actually means.

Defining Big Data

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Dear Don Draper, You Are Fired!

Posted by Nish on April 25, 2013

Dear Don,

You are fired. Maybe this comes as a shock, or maybe after reading Avi Dan's article you've been expecting this. To be honest you were not yet on the CMO's hit list. You have been on ours for a while and we convinced her it was time to take you out. Hurt? Betrayed? Angry? Yeah, you are probably feeling all of those things. You have no one to blame but yourself. We told you repeatedly that you had to change or our relationship would end.

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