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A Tale of 2 Creative Teams: Speed Up Project Delivery with Online Proofing

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on September 07, 2017

Creative and marketing teams are tasked with delivering more projects, in shorter timelines than ever before. Without solid processes around creative production and the right tools in place to support them, the increase in demand for content with shorter turnaround times can wreak havoc on creative production teams.

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How Online Proofing Satisfies the Most Difficult Creative Reviewer Types

Posted by Sean Adams on June 20, 2017

Each type of reviewer involved in the creative process brings with them a unique set of skills and expertise, as well as their own set of challenges based on the way they work. A client doesn’t have the same needs as an executive, and executives don’t have the same needs as creatives. Left unheeded, small differences in needs can create huge delays in the creative production process.

Getting a better understanding of how individuals in your team and organization work, and working with them when defining your processes and the tools you use to support those processes will go a long way in ensuring everyone can work as efficiently as possible, without hindering the creative process or productivity.

Here, we cover 4 common Reviewer Personas, how they work, and how having the right Online Proofing and Review & Approval tool like ConceptShare can keep work humming along with pristine efficiency because it meets the needs of many.

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5 More Must Have Review & Approval Metrics for Creative Operations Managers

Posted by Samuel Kiramathypathy on December 01, 2016

For Creative Operations and Project Managers (a.k.a. Traffic Managers, Studio Operations) that are tasked with delivering marketing/creative assets on time the Review & Approval stage of the creative production process can be likened to running a race. Your Creatives and Reviewers are like the runners on a relay team, and the Assets are the baton that is passed between them. However much as a relay team doesn’t just accept finishing a race as good enough, simply getting Assets produced shouldn’t be good enough either. Runners strive for the fastest time, and the Review and Approval Process should be no different. Runners know what important metrics to look at when determining their performance, and how to interpret those metrics to get faster times. The question becomes: what should be measured in the Review and Approval Process, and why?

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Feature Showcase: Online Proofing for Packaging Asset Approvals

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on June 09, 2016

The latest version of ConceptShare added improvements and new features to our Proofing Workspace. Most notably we added the ability to rotate assets within the Proofing Workspace to meet the needs of enterprises that work with assets with different orientations like package designs. 

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Customer Success Story: High Level Performance (Infographic)

Posted by Michaela Green on October 30, 2015


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Things Customers Say: “I Want A Single Source of Review Truth”

Posted by Nish on May 16, 2012
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ConceptShare For 9-Year Olds

Posted by Nish on May 11, 2012

No, 9-year olds are not a new market that we are selling to. I read this post on about how in today’s world of information overload the job of the sales person is so much harder. It's so much harder to cut through the clutter, distractions and never ending list of priorities vying for the customer’s attention. It's so much harder to say something that will be remembered an hour later, a day later, a week later or a month later.

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Helping Creative Teams Work Smarter

Posted by Julie on February 22, 2012

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TechFlaps on ConceptShare

Posted by Julie on February 06, 2012

At ConceptShare, we’re all about helping our customers share, communicate, and collaborate on their creative work. And, we love it when others share and communicate their opinion of us! Recently, TechFlaps wrote an article ConceptShare – The Perfect Visual Collaboration Platform, highlighting what they thought were some of our most valuable features.

“Think about this, you are working on a design and your team is scattered through different locations. It’s necessary that you have to collaborate their efforts and ideas so that everyone is aware of what others are doing and get inputs and ideas from each other.

Moreover, you need everyone going in the same direction and this becomes difficult when your team is situated in various geographic locations.

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A Market of Anyone; A Focus on Four

Posted by Nish on November 01, 2011

Big is our market? I hate getting that question. Why? The person asking the question usually wants a big, bombastic answer. I could with all honesty say that our market lays with anyone that needs to communicate and collaborate on creative work. That is a market of hundreds of thousands of users; maybe millions. Start with freelancers, agencies and marketing teams. Then add in film & television, architects, engineers, software developers, publishers …. well you get the idea. I could easily put together a set of slides showing a massive market of users just waiting to buy ConceptShare.

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