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Customer Spotlight: Studio 80s Photography and Retouching

Posted by Tylor on May 22, 2012


Next up in our Customer Spotlight series is Studio 80s, a professional photography and retouching company operating from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Topics: Customer Spotlight, Customer Success, Studio 80s

Customer Spotlight: DigitalXBridge

Posted by Tylor on May 14, 2012

We'd like to introduce you to DigitalXBridge (DXB) - a digital agency that creates custom web and mobile solutions for its growing client base.

Based in the Metro NY area, DXB works hard to help their clients take their "back of the napkin" ideas and turn them into real, valuable assets for their business. The DXB team provides a wide range of services; including the design and development of website and mobile applications. You can see some of the work they've done here.

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Topics: Customer Spotlight, Customer Success, DigitalXBridge

Ghost Productions - ConceptShare's First Customer Spotlight

Posted by Tylor on March 27, 2012

At ConceptShare, our customers are so awesome that we decided we should stop talking about us and tell you a little about them. To do this, we're starting a new feature on our blog called Customer Spotlights where we'll share some insights into their businesses and how they use ConceptShare to improve their creative workflow.

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ConceptShare, The Fonz & The Bad Wrap

Posted by Julie on February 21, 2012


The Fonz was always quick to give the thumbs up - maybe too quick? At ConceptShare, we have built a tool that gives our customers the ability to quickly, and easily communicate, and capture clear and actionable feedback on digital assets. Our customers’ needs are pretty simple: make it easy to review creative work so that they can give or get the thumbs up (approval!) as soon as possible.

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Topics: Customer Spotlight, Customer Success, The Bad Wrap

"Thanks For Not Being Sales Guys"

Posted by Nish on August 02, 2011

I was recently tagging along with one of our Product Specialists (Nathan Gilroy) on a visit with a prospect. It was the type of customer meeting that has become common place at ConceptShare; the people we were meeting with were sharing a lot of information as they responded to our questions; we were working together to design a creative review & approval process that would meet their current requirements and scale to those of tomorrow. The meeting ended on a particularly high note for me personally. Not because they signed a contract. That should come in Q3 (no pressure Nathan!). It ended on a high note because one of the key stakeholders came up to us afterwards and gave us a compliment that to me was confirmation of our culture and values.

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Topics: People and Culture, Customer Success,  Sales Success, Customer Feedback

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