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8 Time Saving Tips for Agency Traffic Managers

Posted by Emily on May 06, 2013

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Topics: Time Management, Agency Traffic Managers, Digital Agencies, Creative Operations Resources

What’s the Biggest Challenge Facing Agencies?

Posted by Emily on April 19, 2013

At Digiday’s Agency Summit they asked agency executives:

 What’s the biggest challenge facing agencies today?

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Topics: Digital Agencies, Managing Change, Creative Operations Resources

Are You Hesitant to Adopt a New Technology?

Posted by Emily on March 28, 2013

Our partner FunctionPoint posted a blog article about their client’s experience of adopting their tool. The client discussed 3 stages they went through during the adoption phase. The first stage, the “fear stage” as they called it, resonated with us.

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Topics: Digital Agencies, Managing Change, Creative Operations Resources

A Market of Anyone; A Focus on Four

Posted by Nish on November 01, 2011

Big is our market? I hate getting that question. Why? The person asking the question usually wants a big, bombastic answer. I could with all honesty say that our market lays with anyone that needs to communicate and collaborate on creative work. That is a market of hundreds of thousands of users; maybe millions. Start with freelancers, agencies and marketing teams. Then add in film & television, architects, engineers, software developers, publishers …. well you get the idea. I could easily put together a set of slides showing a massive market of users just waiting to buy ConceptShare.

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Topics: Digital Agencies, Thought Leadership, Creative Review, Media and Entertainment, Internet Retailers

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