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What is Big Data?

Posted by Emily on June 03, 2013

In Bernard Marr’s article, “What the Hell is…Big Data?” he attempts to demystify the latest buzzword that is pelting marketers from every direction. One of the big problems with Big Data, as Marr points out, is that it isn’t very well defined. What does that mean for marketers? They don't have a full or complete understanding of what Big Data is, and are too afraid to ask what it actually means.

Defining Big Data

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3 Reasons Why Marketing and IT Will Need to Be Better Bedfellows

Posted by Emily on May 24, 2013

The tension between marketing and IT isn't new. As Scott Brinker points out in ChiefMartec, there is a “legendary” frustration at the intersection of marketing and IT, which he argues is often the result of structural differences in their jobs. Today, this relationship still remains an important topic of discussion. CXO Talk just launched an episode dedicated to exploring the tensions between marketing and IT in enterprise companies, debating whether marketing and IT are butting heads now more than ever before.

As the world of marketing and technology continues to collide, these two “infamously uncomfortable bedfellows” are going to have to learn how to get along.

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