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5 Things I learned at the marketing operations tech summit

Posted by Nish on October 29, 2015

I recently attended Marketing Operations & Technology Summit in New Orleans.

I was hoping to meet more people directly involved in Creative Operations, but learned a lot from the Marketing Operations people.

Here are the 5 key things I learned in speaking with Marketing Operations executives:

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Streamlining Your Creative Operations Process

Posted by Emily on May 17, 2013

MarketingProfs points out that profitable growth (87%) and operational efficiency (85%) remain the top business priorities for CMOs. As a Marketing or Creative Operations Manager, you’ve probably started to address the inefficiencies in your creative operations process to become more operationally efficient, and in turn, more profitable.

Streamlining your process is no small feat. It requires a combination of research, skills and tactics that aren’t always easily defined. Often, achieving the operational successes you’re looking for is relative to the unique qualities of your company and team. That being said, there are certainly some pitfalls you should avoid.

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Topics: Operational Efficiency, Creative Operations, Marketing Operations, Creative Operations Resources

What Came First, Creative Operations People or Creative Operations Technology?

Posted by Nish on April 04, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Marketing Operations Summit that was organized and hosted by PTI Marketing. It was two days of 150+ Marketing Operations leaders listening to and learning from each other. I was there as a guest of PTI Marketing with whom we just entered into a new partnership (more on that in a couple of weeks).

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Scoring Big: Real-Time Marketing Coup During Super Bowl Blackout

Posted by Emily on February 04, 2013

What is real-time marketing? Sending the right message at the right time to the right person. Yesterday during the Super Bowl blackout, two brands showed us that the opportunities made by real-time marketing are setting a new standard for where marketers and marketing operations need to be today.

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Topics: Marketing Operations,  Real-Time Marketing, Why Creative Operations Management?

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