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4 Ways to Improve Velocity ~ Gaming Studio Series 2/3

Posted by Kiefer Uuksulainen on August 12, 2015


Our last blog posted discussed the main reasons Why Outsourcing Fails; the result of fuzzy feedback, waiting and iterating and the absence of objective data. By addressing these concerns, a studio (and its outsourced developers) can produce assets at a higher velocity — what is velocity?

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Topics: Game Art Outsourcing, Outsourcing, Games Studios

5 Industry Trends Every Creative Team Needs to Understand

Posted by Tylor on March 30, 2012

At ConceptShare, many of us spend our days working directly with clients to understand their creative operations workflow. Specifically, how they go from Requirements Definition to Design and Iteration to Validation and Approval. By gaining a broad understanding of how they work from A to Z we also see how creative review fits into their overall workflow.

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Topics: Thought Leadership, Asset Production, 24/7 Production Cycle, Increased Volume of Assets, Outsourcing

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