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Introducing Heartbeat: Custom Session Management for ConceptShare

Posted by Faraz Rahnemay on September 14, 2016

Enterprise security is not a new concern, but has been getting increasing attention due to high profile headlines about cyberattacks, the ever increasing list of discovered security flaws, and poorly implemented access control leading to sensitive documents ending up in the wrong hands.

Whether it's closing the security gaps against external cyber security threats, or implementing compliance-driven policies to compartmentalize sensitive content and your intellectual property, your IT department needs to stay on top of current threats and best practices.

But … what about your external vendors? Are they doing the same? Are they following your processes & policies? What good is it to have your internal systems secured while employees use third-party services that don’t adhere to your policies?

This is why ConceptShare is very proud to announce our latest security feature: Heartbeat - which incorporates your organization’s session management policies into our application.

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