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What Pushes Us to Continuously Innovate?

Posted by Krissie Harrigan on March 13, 2017
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We really pride ourselves on involving our customers in shaping our product directions. Customers drive everything from our longer term priorities to the details of individual features.

Each time we deploy a new release, we do so with confidence and excitement - eager to see how much it helps our customers deliver more approved marketing content and assets faster. We track usage metrics, review which new features are being used, and of course from time to time request feedback through survey tools, etc... While all of these things help guide our product roadmap, and help validate our assumptions, nothing can compare to a warm "Thank You" from a customer. 

So it's really nice to get feedback like this: 


Thank YOU, J - our product team loved hearing how those features are making a difference, and we look forward to making ConceptShare faster, smarter, and better. 

Our Product Team is always looking for more input so get in touch if you're interested and opinionated.

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